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We also recognise that most intending buyers are not skilled when it comes to purchasing a boat. In turn, it’s like walking into a lion’s den for most of them. As such, we birthed the idea of AUS AC34. We are committed to providing accessible and the best boat brokerage services to everyone within Sydney. We have trained ourselves to ensure that we are skilled in boat brokerage within Sydney and Australia at large. Then, we bring this expertise to the fore for the benefit of our clients.


We offer access to four popular brands in the boating industry. They are Sasga Yacht, Smuggler Marine, Grand Soleil, and G Force. They are well known in the yachting world. They have over 40 years of experience and have been able to leave a mark in the history of modern yachts and modern sailing.

Our Services

Sell Your Boat

Our services are exceptional here as we allow boat owners to sell their boat in record time. We provide an avenue for them to avoid stress and worries. We take up the job of easing the process of selling your boat. This way, you can enjoy the convenience you deserve and still achieve your goal of boat sales.

New Boats

At AUS AC34, we are industry-leading boat brokers that offer you access to the best new boats. We are here to ensure that you don’t make a mistake as you get that boat. Instead, you can truly choose the best that provide premium value on your investment. We possess considerable experience that allows us to deliver.

Spare Parts

We offer a wide variety of spare parts for sale. We also offer them for different categories of boats that you might have. We are well aware of the varying needs across different models, from commercial boats to powerboats to sailing boats. So, we consider this when sourcing spare parts for you.

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You need to protect your boat through boat insurance. This is an arrangement where you get repaid for any loss you suffer due to damage to your boat. This compensation is usually based on the agreement between the parties. At AUS AC34, we recognise that protecting your boat from these various situations is non-negotiable. As such, we encourage you to seek insurance cover for your boat through our insurance partners.


This refers to a financial arrangement where you get a lender to provide a boat’s cost price. Afterwards, you proceed to make the vehicle’s purchase and own it without paying from your pocket. Following this, you begin repayment of the loan sum in addition to the interest which represents the cost of the loan. A wide range of finance brokers provides these services.