G Force

The G Force Option

G Force is a more recent yacht builder. They are relatively new in the yachting world. YG-Force Marine offers an extensive range of racing and performance cruising yachts as well as Ribs. The range of models offered by G Force can differ in size and length. It can range from 37 feet to 40 feet.

The G Force yacht is widely considered the leading experts at developing and producing high performing sailing yachts that are truly luxurious. Every single yacht is well-crafted into a truly beautiful creation. They are visions that are brought to life. The G Force yachts are thoughtfully designed to deliver the highest comfort, luxury, and style.

The G Force yachts come with unique yacht hulls, including a monohull. They also produce yacht models with in-board propulsion systems, diesel system, and other fuel systems. One of the best-known G Force model worldwide as of today is the X-Treme 37 model.

The G Force yacht is usually used for time-honoured and traditional water activities such as sailing and water sports. The G Force yachts are admired for their good racing abilities and relied upon for various activities. These vessels are generally a great option for sailing and water sports because they usually have extremely deep drafts and narrow beams. These are the traits that make them the best options.

The G Force yachts are produced with passion and care. The yacht builders put in the best quality materials and the best efforts to produce the best luxury yachts possible. If you are searching for quality luxury yachts, the G Force is a good place to look. In-house designers do innovative designs and craftsmanship. They measure every single detail to meet high-quality standards.

Each yacht is built with uniqueness. The customer-centred approach ensures that they make the most effort to meet the specific requirements of the customers. They are built to ensure the comfort of the customer.

From the vintage and classic models produced as far back as the year 2007 to the more sleek, modern yacht designs built as recently as the year 2013 by G Force are currently offered for sale.

The G Force yachts are 37.3 metres in length. They have a speed above 30 knots powered by two 3648 hp MTU engines. It has elegant and well-designed interior designs and accommodations to house about twelve guests in five cabins.

Some of the key features of the G Force are:

  • It has an amazing award-winning world superyacht Jean Pierre Gilardino designed interior.
  • It is capable of speed levels up to 31 knots.
  • It has a vast sun deck.
  • It comes with a Jacuzzi.
  • It is powered by two MTU 16-V-4000 M-90 engines.
  • They are MCA LY-2 compliant.
  • They have an exceptional reputation.
  • It is a 3700 and is available with zero-speeds.

You can contact us to purchase your own G Force Yacht. We can’t wait to assist you in all your future yachting adventures.