New Boats

Getting a New Boat

You’ll find a good number of reasons why getting a boat is a good choice for you. Whether you’re getting it for luxury or commercial purposes, it allows you to enjoy premium value on whatever you have to provide as an investment. So, if you’re looking to get a boat, don’t let anybody stop you. We encourage you to deepen your resolve and get yourself that dreamboat. One of the boats you can get if you fall under this category is a new boat. It guarantees functionality and performance.

However, we must say that this isn’t always easy. This is because of the wide range of options that are out there. Even more, you can’t afford to make a mistake and settle for anything less than the best quality.

This is where we come in. At AUS AC34, we are industry-leading boat brokers that offer you access to the best new boats. We are here to ensure that you don’t make a mistake as you get that boat. Instead, you can truly choose the best that provide premium value on your investment.

We possess considerable experience that allows us to deliver. Over the years, we have delivered new boats to a large number of people. In turn, we are well aware of what goes on within the industry. This ensures that you won’t have anything to worry about when you trust us with this process.

Our New Boat Offerings

At AUS AC35, we are in the business of offering new boats for sale. The boat categories that we offer for sale include:


If you’re looking to get a superyacht that brings power, performance, and speed, then we are the one for you. We have a wide range of new superyachts that will impress you. You can also vouch for the quality of our boats.

Sailing Boats

If you’re looking to enjoy the best sailing experience, you need a great sailing boat that offers stability and comfort. You can trust us to provide just this for you.


Do you need to get yourself a boat with more than one hull? Are you interested in enjoying power and stability when on water with your boat? The multihull should do the trick. You can also trust us to deliver to you the best multihulls.

Power Boats

If you’re going racing with a boat, you’ll need one that provides exceptional power and excellent manoeuvrability. In that case, you need a powerboat. You can trust us at AUS AC34 to provide you with the best powerboats.

Commercial Boats

If you need a boat for commercial purposes, then a commercial boat does the trick. You don’t need to look too far if you’re interested in getting one. You can also trust us to deliver you great commercial boats.

So, it’s clear now. You don’t need to look further than us if you’re looking to get the best new boats out there. You can contact us today to get started with the process. You can always trust us to deliver.