Insure Your Boat

Every day we are exposed to a wide range of circumstances. These circumstances are sometimes threatening to our security and stability. Well, that’s just how the world thrives. This is why we must take active steps to ensure that we protect ourselves.

One such case where we are threatened extends to the threat to our financial investment. We believe that no one wants to lose out on their investment. This is why insurance becomes important. It represents an opportunity for you to secure your investment such that in the event of damage, you won’t have to bear the full loss for such situations. 

If you have got a boat, this concerns you even more. This is because your boat is exposed to a wide range of threats. You might say your boat is in storage and you don’t have to worry about it. However, the reality is there are threats to your boat beyond when it is on the sea. For instance, fire outbreak can cause a wide range of difficulty for your financial investment. And this is just one situation. So, you cannot afford to be lax. You’ll need to protect your boat through boat insurance. 

This is an arrangement where you get repaid for any loss you suffer due to damage to your boat. This compensation is usually based on the agreement between the parties. 

At AUS AC34, we recognise that protecting your boat from these various situations is non-negotiable. As such, we encourage you to seek insurance cover for your boat. We do not offer insurance cover. However, we have various insurance partners that you can rely on. These partners ensure that you can protect your boat and enjoy peace of mind. 

Types of Insurance 

Generally, there are two types of insurance cover that you can opt for. This will affect the extent or degree of compensation you receive in the event of damage to your boat. 

Actual Cash Value

This refers to the type of scheme that covers the actual value as of the time of the incident. This second package is safer because it offers more secure coverage that will save you from expenses. If the value has risen, this package will cover it regardless.

Agreed Value

This refers to the type of insurance that will only offer coverage based on the agreed value at the period of issuing the insurance, and not the current value when the accident might have happened.

What Gets Insured

When you go for an insurance cover with our partners, you get the following covered.

  • The Hull
  • The Boat Tender
  • Your Equipment and Accessories 
  • Motors (this includes the trolling and auxiliary motor)
  • Masts, Rigging, Spars, and Sails 

The Trailer 

The Scope of the Insurance Cover

When you opt for an insurance cover, you receive protection from a wide range of occurrences. These occurrences cut across the following:

  • Accidental damage 
  • Damage from fire, flood, or storm 
  • Damage from collision and crash 
  • Damage from an explosion, tsunami, and earthquake 
  • Attempted theft or theft
  • Emergency expenses
  • Vandalism
  • Storage or salvage cost
  • Cost of clean up 
  • Cost of funeral 
  • Rescue services
  • Towing services (land)
  • Hull inspection
  • Liability cover 

So, you can click here to get started and discuss with our partner your needs.