Grand Soleil

The Grand Soleil Option

In Bologna, Italy, in 1973, the history of Cantiere del Pardo began. Grand Soleil is a classic yacht builder. They are well known in the yachting world. They have over 40 years of experience and have been able to leave a mark in the history of modern yachts and modern sailing.

When they set up the business, their objective was to build regatta yachts. In turn, they focused on great yacht performance with an innovative and elegant design. It was an ambitious goal, but they were able to achieve it. Today, the Grand Soleil’s yachts still have that timeless style.

The vintage and classic Grand Soleil models, ranging from those built as far back as 1976 to the more sleek and modern yachts built as recently as in the year 2021, are available for sale. The sizes and lengths of the Grand Soleil models range from between 34 feet to 81 feet. They come equipped with a unique yacht-hull type, including monohull, deep-vee, and displacement.

Grand Soleil models are often used for traditional and time-honoured activities such as sailing, water sports, and overnight cruises. They manufacture their models with features like the electric propulsion system. They are also available in diesel systems and other fuel systems. Some of the most popular Grand Soleil models include the 37, 43, 45, 50, and 58.

The Grand Soleil yachts range includes their racers, cruisers, racer/cruiser, and sloops. They are renowned for the creation of these yacht types. The vessels usually have exceptionally wide beams and extremely deep drafts. These are the characteristics that make them the most appropriate yachts for overnight cruises, sailing, and water sports.

For almost 50 years, Cantiere del Pardo has created several yachts with deep passion and care. They bring uniqueness to each yacht. This has helped to establish them as one of the top yacht producers in the world. Not only do they fulfil the need for a sleek racer, but they also bring in a refined and classy Italian style to the yachts. They are an icon of the Italian style. Nothing screams ‘Made in Italy’ like the Grand Soleil yachts. Enjoy the Italian comfort, style, and safety of the Grand Soleil yachts at sea.

Some of the amazing features of the Grand Soleil include:

  • It is great for your shorthanded sailing.
  • It has adaptable and clever space for family cruisers or racers.
  • It has large rooms and excellent headroom.
  • It has a variety of great interior layouts.
  • It can be customised to suit the customers.
  • It has beautiful Italian finishing and craftsmanship.
  • The yachts are made with special attention to safety.
  • They have a good performance record for distance racing and coastal cruising.
  • It is made with cutting edge technology, including a carbon-composite grid.
  • It is made with a T-mainsheet system and non-overlapping jib for easy manoeuvring.

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