Sasga Yachts

The Sasga Yacht Option

The story of the Sasga Yacht goes way back to 1978. The founder, Juan Sastre, started a new shipyard where motor yachts were built. The shipyard was named Astilleros Menorca. The yachts built in Astilleros Menorca were built in a traditional type of Menorcan motor fishing yacht called the Ilauts. The company’s website boasts of it having a past that is full of history. It echoes the elegance and history of the Ilauts.

When the Sasga yachts first got created, they were 8m sailing yachts that were mostly ideal for exploring the Island’s beautiful coast. The sailing yachts were named Conquistadors. Several years down the line, after several expansion activities, the range of yachts now consists of four amazing RCD, Category-A rated, motor yachts spanning from 34 through to 68.

The highest standards are ascribed to in the manufacturing of the Sasga Yachts today. The brand offers comfort, efficiency, stability, and customisation. Every single vessel is hand-built to meet the customer’s requirements. The yachts are constructed to meet your specific yachting needs. Your comfort is of the utmost priority.

The yachts have several remarkable features that make them some of the best yachts you would find.

One such amazing feature of modern-day Sasga Yacht is that her semi-displacement hull is strong, light-weighted, and has the perfect ratio of fibreglass to the resin. This is achieved because the yacht is resin-infused, thereby ensuring the yacht has maximum efficiency and strength. The design ensures enhanced performance, amazing speed between 12 knots and 18 knots, and reduced fuel consumption.

Another remarkable feature of the Sasga Yachts is that the yachts can be customised. The client is allowed to choose between the different features and configurations for the interior distribution. This includes the upholstery, the selection of wood, and the other materials. They ensure that the customer’s requirements are met while also ensuring that they maintain the essence of their traditions and offer the best quality at all times.

The hull of the yacht is another amazing feature of a modern-day Sasga Yacht. The brand has been able to achieve exemplary advancements in its design. These advancements have brought about an improvement in the yacht’s performance, reduced its fuel consumption, and enabled a speed level between 12 and 18 knots, with the capacity to attain up to 23 knots.

As a result of the modifications and innovations incorporated into the yachts with every expansion, the entire range of yachts is awarded the highest CE-A ratings. The award was given when the quality of design, the construction methods, and the yachts’ safety features were rated and found to be of the highest quality. The Category-A Ocean Award is awarded to yachts found to be self-sufficient and capable of extended voyaging with wind levels of Gale Force 8 and above, i.e., 40 knots + significant waves above 13 ft.

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