Smuggler Marine

The Smuggler Marine Option

Smuggler Marine is a yacht building business that started in 1986. The company is run by the owners, David, and Pauline Pingle. The business is located in New Zealand. David and Pauline Pringle are both yacht builders and keen yachters. This ensures that they are always on the lookout for finding practical solutions to hosting needs. All the yachts are hand built and finished to the CE standard in New Zealand before they export.

Smuggler Marine builds then offer for sale factory-direct boats, several family cruisers, and fibreglass tenders ranging from 4.5 metres – 11.5 metres in length. Within this range of yachts they make, they can also customise your yacht to meet your requirements. Be it a choice of layout options or even the colour schemes to match with the yacht, the yachts can be built to fit your requirements.

The Smuggler Marine RIBs and tenders are the ultimate from their performance to their finishing. The range of tenders and fibreglass RIBs ranges from 4.5 to 11 metres. They are a great choice for getting superyacht tenders, motor yacht tenders, trailered day-yachts, dive charters, or work yachts thanks to their in-house design team and their ability to finish different custom tenders for so many different clients. This is what makes them the best.

All of the Smuggler’s tenders perform excellently and also provide a ride in comfort. They perfected this perfect balance of comfort and excellent performance from years spent yachting on the unpredictable waters of New Zealand. The smuggler tenders provide the ultimate ride. Over the years, the business has established a reputation for providing excellent service, amazing quality, and timely delivery and has developed unparalleled confidence in its product.

Smuggler Marine graces the decks of several shipyards and garages around the world. Several clients have continually come back repeatedly because of the quality of service and product they get from us. Smuggler Marine yachts are made up of passionate, customer-based, innovative, and experienced yacht builders.


Smuggler Marine is passionate about yachting. The owners, David, and Pauline Pringle are yachting enthusiasts. Customers are often pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of the Smuggler team. It has encouraged some to make a purchase.

Customer Focus

The team is committed to listening to the customers. This allows us to make custom-finishes of their models to suit the customer’s requirements. Talk to the team today to see what we can do to help you.

Experience and Quality

We have years of experience on the water. Our yachts are made to cater to the needs we were able to discover. Investing in one of our Smuggler yachts is a smart choice. We offer great rides, quality build, and efficient hulls.


We are innovative. We have used and tested several different smuggler yachts around the New Zealand coast. This allows us to come up with innovative ideas for improving our products. Our yachts are strong and robust while also sporting beautiful finishing.